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University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

Generating Stories I

Offered: October 11-November 29, 2017, Wednesday nights, 6:30-9 pm

The story already exists within you; it’s time to set it on the page. This course is designed to unearth your fictional, mythical and true-life stories that are waiting to be told. Weekly at-home and in-class assignments will inspire you to create poems, memoirs and stories. You do not need to have a manuscript in progress in order to take, and benefit from, this course.

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Generating Stories II

Offered: October 11-November 29, 2017, Wednesdays, 12:30-3 pm

Building on the principles used in Generating Stories I, this course is your workshop and workplace to take a draft story and revise it in full. You will explore the universe of your story, whether fiction or non-fiction, and by this better know the story and how to deliver it to your reader by learning through weekly at-home and in-class assignments. Interested students should have already taken Generating Stories I. Ideally, the course works best for those who already have a story draft in hand of 5-15 pages double-spaced, but can also worked successfully for those who arrive with an idea or outline for a story they want to write. At the end of eight weeks, you will have much more than a draft, you will also have the observations of your classmates and instructor on the work you are creating, and you will have done extensive work to revise the story.

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