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Interview on The Lewis Frumkes Show on WPAT 930 AM, New York. Original air date Sunday, December 13, 2015. We talk about books and life. Lewis is a great interviewer, and it was a real pleasure to be a guest on his show.

Here’s an interview I did with Lynn Pickering for “County Writes County Reads” on 99.3 County FM. I liked talking with her about teaching creative writing; it’s a worthy topic and something people rarely ask about.


“Arlee,” is a piece of shorter fiction published in early 2011. Leo, in looking back on his childhood with little brother Arlee, must face a truth that stuns him.

“At the Gates of Hell” is a non-fiction article published in 1997, combining topics that often surface in my writing: sport, religion, and the circus that these can create.

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